Stronger data with industry leading services


  • Deliver API access to existing repositories and custom FHIR-optimized schema
  • Search, view, create and edit documents through powerful API
  • Full version retention with automated data validation supporting JSON & XML

Leverage the power of relational database design to scale for large datasets, replicate across nodes, and support custom data analytics. Use a unified database to serve both a FHIR API and custom interfaces for any data model

Data Provenance Toolkit

  • Store in any repository and exchange with partners using any vendor
  • Generate provenance for multiple document types: CCD, FHIR, HL7, etc.
  • Input via universal API or directly with the underlying model

Secure documents and improve trust with portable provenance backed by private key encryption, guaranteeing data integrity and ownership. Use as a plug-in for existing systems to rapidly support provenance creation and display

Cross-Profile Serivces

Support multiple IHE profiles in one FHIR environment. Deliver full data access unified with profiles such as mCSD (Mobile Care Services Discovery) to give users access to richer data and better services.

Indpendent Security in Health Exchange

Achieve data security in multi-vendor environments with Data Provenance. Deliver strong assurance of document authorship & integrity with portable signatures. Even as documents move and are updated retain chain of custody and back-traceable historical trail.

Data repository supporting FHIR interactions for high-integrity medical documents. Achieve interoperability and granular access to diverse data.

Turn-key support for IHE and HL7 exchange profiles, including mCSD (Mobile Care Services Discovery) to deliver fast, reliable service look-up & provider directory services.

Data Provenance Toolkit
Powerful, rapid integration toolkit for generating and validating provenance – rich, cryptographically secure authorship and origin tracking

Integrate with diverse systems and make your data more trusted by including provenance in every exchange. Consume provenance from any partner to give valuable feedback to physicians and build a history for every record

Better Data For Improved Care

Leverage RAIN Live Oak's technology to enrich your data and smooth integration of diverse information sources. Modular components work alongside existing infrastructure, delivering new services and minimizing re-development. Use FHIRelate to deploy a robust data access interface or rapidly stand up a modern repository, and integrate Data Provenance to include robust, verifiable metadata in every document. Consume provenance from any source and give meaningful feedback to users.

Let your health information grow faster, achieve more and deliver smarter results